Here’s more information to help you get past the Heartbleed Bug issue.

LastPass, a tool to help users remember and manage their passwords, has provided a handy resource that allows anyone to check a website to see if it was affected by the bug.

The LastPass Heartbleed checker can be found here. 

Just type —or copy and paste — the site’s url into the form slot and hit enter. You’ll get a report that tells you if the site was affected or not.

I decided to check out the Bank of America site, since I pay my bill there online. Here’s what the response report looks like:


Screen-Shot-2014-04-13-at-7.44.13-PMIt’s a simple way to feel a bit more secure about where you’ve logged in lately. By the way, LastPass is a handy tool for keeping your passwords organized. We create lots of websites, gmail accounts, and other password-protected items for clients, so I have about 100 or more passwords to keep track of. LastPass helps. (By the way, we’re not affiliated in anyway.)

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