We had a great meeting with one of our web clients last night. Steve Weiss is a counselor who specializes in addictions. He began a new practice in Livonia last summer, and we created his one-page responsive “business card” site – foundationsmi.com. He dropped by with a fellow counselor who’s beginning a new practice, and we’ll be working on her new website soon. Steve gave us a little update on how well his business is doing. In the past nine months since his website has been up, he says he’s had 70 new clients. Yes, 70! foundationsmiOf course, the website didn’t attract these clients on its own. As part of the Palmerworks web package, we also advised Steve on how to list the site in local online directories, like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and others (which are all free listings). We hooked him up with a new gmail account and all the fantastic business resources that Google provides small business owners. He also has a Google voice number that forwards to his cell phone – keeps his number private online and with clients (again, all free). Steve has used all these resources to the fullest, with proven results. 70 new clients! Congrats, Steve. Hope they keep on coming.

If you have a small business, take advantage of the personalized service Palmerworks offers. We’ll build your site, take care of all the technical details, and explain all the tools needed to attract customers to your new site. We even offer a business listing service, if you don’t want to take the time to do it yourself. Give us a call to discuss your new site. We serve the suburban Detroit area and northeastern Michigan counties – 734-252-9321. In northern Michigan – 231-268-0350.