Paramount Spirulina Farms

With a protein content of 60% to 70%, Spirulina is considered one of nature’s super foods. It’s been a hit with weight lifters, athletes and fitness buffs. What better way to market it than through a professional website. We set up PayPal on the site so it can be purchased online. Visit the site.

Carolina Building Repair Supply

Carolina Building Repair Supply delivers high quality surface solutions, approved for use on bridges, highways and roads, for contractors, end-users, specifiers and architects. We fulfilled the client’s requirements that detailed technical product information and specifications be included on the site. Visit the site.

Accurate Concrete Raising

It’s very likely your concrete will sink or settle sometime in the future and can present walking and driving hazards and it could detract from the value of your house. Concrete raising can provide an economical alternative to repaving. We designed a site that explained the details of the process and featured its advantages. Visit the site.

The Bluffs on Black Lake

The owner of the Bluffs on Black Lake wanted a website that would highlight his beautiful location, sumptuous menu, and year-round activities he hosts. We recreated his menu online, set up activity pages, and used plenty of photos to tell his story. Visit the site.

Word of Truth Church of God in Christ

The Word of Truth Church of God in Christ wanted a website that would keep the congregation abreast of church news and happenings. We developed a site that showed off its beautiful sanctuary, featured an Events page, and offered church members the opportunity to post prayer requests online. Visit the site.

Ostlund Plumbing

Ostlund Plumbing wanted to increase awareness of its Design/Build construction process which expedites the design and construction phase, and saves costs on completed project. We developed an easy-to-navigate site which featured clear explanations of the company’s process. Colorful photos illustrated completed projects. Visit the site.

Everlast Asphalt

Everlast Asphalt, a provider of residential and commercial asphalt services, has an enviable reputation is southeastern Michigan for quality and craftsmanship. We designed a site for them that detailed the numerous services the company, explanatory descriptions, and, of course, plenty of photos. Visit the site.

Caprara Bakery

Caprara Bakery can boast a rich family history of ownership with plenty of loyal customers. With many of these customers in far-flung locations across the county our client wanted a site that would allow him to sell products online. We designed a site to show off his creations and that would include a PayPal “Buy it Now Button.” Now, customers from all over the United States can oder a Caprara Bakery pepperoni roll anytime they would like. Visit the site.

Wayne First United Methodist Church

Wayne First United Methodist Church has been an important part of the Wayne community for more than 150 years. They wanted to be able to communicate effectively with their congregation. So, we built them a website that would look good on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop in addition to a desktop computer. We even publish their monthly church newsletter online. Visit the site.