amazonfishI’m an avid Amazon Prime user.

I subscribe and save on all my household items.

I check anything I’m looking at while in a store to be sure it isn’t cheaper on Amazon.

I purchase the past four years’ entire Christmas list on Amazon.

I also watch Amazon videos and download Kindle books.

That’s why I found this Gizmodo article amusing. What’s the Laziest Thing You’ve Ever Ordered on Amazon?, is a very short read, but the comments are interesting – and informative. Who knew you could purchase a fish-shaped purse? And why didn’t I think of buying sriracha? or toilet paper? I’ll have to compare the cost with Costco’s ASAP.

Hmm…what’s the laziest thing I’ve ever ordered from Amazon? Probably mascara, which I could easily have picked up at CVS.

How about you? What’s the laziest or oddest item you’ve ever ordered from Amazon?


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