You don’t need to create a full-blown cart in order to sell just a few products. Palmerworks can integrate a “buy it now” feature into your 5-page website.

Caprara Bakery’s pepperoni rolls are so delicious that his customers want to be able to order them after they move out of town. He asked if we could add an online ordering page to his site. Take a look at the result here – and be sure to order some of those pepperoni rolls for yourself. Yum!

For less than it costs to develop an entire ecommerce website, you can add an online ordering page. Of course, if you want to sell quite a few items, Palmerworks can design a full cart for your products.

To discuss which option is best for your products, call Rick or Katherine at 734-252-9321 or use our handy contact form. In northern Michigan, call 231-268-0350.