If you’re planning a party, festival, corporate event, carnival, church event, grand opening, block party, or birthday, you want Adelle Fant there. She does face painting, body painting, and airbrush & glitter tattoos. She even does themed face painting for holiday events. Adelle is that person who adds that little bit of something extra to an event.

She asked us to create a website for her that would display her work to potential customers. We came up with a site that pairs brief descriptions of her work alongside a photo gallery on nearly every page of the site. Viewers can click on a photo to see it enlarged, or open up a slide show of that particular gallery.

We added a simple contact form that customers can complete quickly, and a detailed portfolio of her work. In addition to face painting, Adelle also airbrushes cars and motorcycles.

If you are interested in having a talented artist at your event, check out her new website: www.wepaintafx.com.

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